Ann Zabludoff


Professor of Astronomy,

University of Arizona

Astronomer, Steward Observatory

933 N. Cherry Avenue

Tucson, Arizona  85721

Phone:  (520) 626-2509

Fax:  (520) 621-1532


Research Interests


My research is principally in extragalactic astronomy and astrophysics, including

  1. using gravitational lenses to detect the earliest stars and galaxies, measure the expansion rate of the Universe, and constrain the properties of dark matter

  2. exploring the formation of galaxies and large-scale structure via the simulation and detection of sources in the early Universe

  3. measuring the baryon budget of clusters and groups of galaxies and the efficiency of star formation in different environments

  4. surveying galaxies across environments and time to isolate the factors most important in driving galaxy evolution

  5. detailing the transformation of galaxies via galaxy-galaxy interactions and mergers

  6. understanding the connection between the evolution of supermassive black holes and their host galaxies